Sunday, February 27, 2011

An update...since I've been M.I.A.

I've been bad. Not really really bad, but not really good, either. All you other you others going through a lifestyle change know what I mean. We fall off the wagon. No, we don't go get smashed at a bar, but we eat. And, I've been eating.

The good news? When I gained, I only went up 0.8 pounds. So, even when I was off plan, I was making better choices. But, for a couple of weeks there, I just did not care about it at all. I wanted what I wanted when I wanted it. ::shrug::

But, now...I've got competition. My sister has joined Jenny Craig and we've got the same amount to lose before goal. I don't like losing to my sister, so I've been using this sibling rivalry as motivation-and it's working! With the exception of last night's homemade fajitas, I've ate 100% JC food. And, thanks to the JC fajita dinner, I knew what portion sizes to eat last night (the fajita craving hit when I was at the store Saturday...didn't have a JC fajita kit like I usually do!)

So far, the scale shows a decent loss for this week. Let's hope that stays the same tomorrow! It's so funny what I catch myself thinking the night and morning before weigh-in...."don't drink that! don't eat that!" Like it's gonna matter!

Oh well.

But, on a serious note, I do know that I have to be hyper-viligant about self-monitoring in the next several weeks, because....we are buying a house. And, not just any house, a house in the western suburbs of Chicago, 2 hours from my home. It's completely scary to move to an area where I don't have anybody but my boyfriend as support...and it's only scary because I've afraid I'll turn into a needy girlfriend...and I don't wanna do that! ::stomping foot::

So, with the stress of packing, moving, traveling, getting to know my soon-to-be new town...I have to be more aware than ever of true hunger vs. emotional hunger. It's gonna be hard. I'm going to consider the next couple of months successful if I a) stay out of the hospital thanks to panic attacks, b) have a full head of hair when I get moved, and c) at least maintain my current weight. That sounds slightly doable...though, I'm not so sure about the panic attacks! lol

Wish me luck! :)