Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random ramblings...

So, I finally got in with my therapist...who's moving to Colorado. UGH! I go back next week to meet with the counselor with whom she thinks I will mesh well. So not looking forward to (in theory) starting over, but...maybe it will be a good thing.

Anyway...on the non-weight loss side of life...Haroon and I are getting ready to look at houses! Like, for real...not just online. So exciting! I'm just so blessed. I mean, I never, EVER thought I would feel like this. I never thought that I would find a man that truly loved me, much less said so! And, to hear and see his excitement when he talks about living with me and spending the rest of our lives together...never dreamed it would happen to me.

I'm not one of those women who's had my wedding planned since age 5. In fact, I only really started to think about it a few months ago. I see a wedding planner in my future...lol

But, seriously...I just feel so blessed that things have worked out like they have. I met the man of my dreams, who loves me for me, with or without the extra padding.

And, I'm finally doing something solely for myself-losing this extra weight! I still can't believe it's really happening. It's just unreal. I'm 20 pounds from my weight in 2000. And, 104 from my goal (which just sounds like an unreal amount, but...whatever). And, one of these days, my driver's license weight will actually be too high! lol That will be the day!

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  1. Enjoy your birthday! I'll miss you, but I'm so glad your dreams are coming true... you deserve it so much! Love ya!