Sunday, May 1, 2011


Well, today was my second visit at my new JC Center. I don't think this new consultant and I are going to work out. When I called to make my first appointment, the woman I spoke with didn't even seem to listen when I said that my old consultant and the centre director thought new Barb would be a good was like I was speaking french or something.

Then, I walked in that day, met the centre director (who was very busy) and I really don't think he realized that I was the client he should be setting up with new Barb. So,I go Tracy. She's very sweet, but...tiny...and she "goes for a run" when she's upset. Really? Do I look like a runner? My knees hurt going upstairs, I don't need to pound the pavement with added speed! She is very nice, but we're just too different, I think. She's very upbeat and everything, but it's almost to the point of feeling fake. And, I mean really....I doubt she's ever been close to 50 pounds overweight, much less 150!

So, I left the centre crying today. Not because I gained, but because I don't feel like I'm being heard. I actually lost 2 pounds again (now, just a couple more until I'm back to where I was pre-move. But, we went to do measurements, and I was told I was doing them wrong. Hello! I've been on the program since August, I know how to old a fkn measuring tape! I can't help that my measurements have been done differently than you do them at the new centre,'s my body, my money and my time..can't we just keep doing them the same way? And, btw..your waist is not under your breasts! I'm a nurse, I know anatomy. Every measurement she took was higher than the previous ones, which can't be true because my bras, underwear and jeans are WAY too big now!


I'm so frustrated I could just scream. And, I can't even verbalize any of this to anyone else, because I feel like I'm being too picky or something. I don't know...

On a lighter note...we're officially homeowners. No, the move itself, nor the first household repair made us realize this. It was instead, yesterday when we were both working out in the yard after buying a mower, then sitting inside with DIYnetwork on nearly 24/7 that has made us realize this! We're so weird. ;)

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  1. Moving not only brings upon stress but there's a lot of other emotions to deal with. I've done it a few times myself and none of them were easy. You are adjusting to a new home, new area and now another change with JC. Cut yourself a break. AND call and get a JC you are happy with and can click with. This should be the one thing you do for yourself :) I do Jenny at home and I PREFER it over going to the center any day!