Monday, May 9, 2011


So, last Thursday, I met "new" Barb at the new Jenny Craig centre. SO VERY GLAD I CALLED AND ASKED FOR HER! She's awesome. Not only did she actually tell me a little about her story, but she LISTENED to me! yay!

And, to make that visit even better? I was down 3 more pounds! Double Yay!

This past weekend, we had two Mother's Day cookouts--the second of which I finally met all my long-time boyfriend's brothers. That was intimidating! But, everything went very smoothly and all that emotional eating stress I was feeling prior to the cookout has gone.

I will say, however, that I'm struggling with my new life. I love our house, and I love living here with him, but....I hate leaving for three nights at a time to work. I've looked at positions available up here, but I have a pretty sweet set-up where I'm at (low patient load, no nights, no weekends...couldn't get much better!)

We'll see how long this continues, as it gets harder each week (and I'm only on week three!)

I'll keep you posted!

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